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Dr. Getzell had severe visual problems as a child. Going through optometry school, he had the opportunity to experience a variety of different visual training techniques. It wasn't until he studied the works of Dr. Amiel Francke, who approached vision from a mind/body approach, that he noticed dramatic changes in performance and expanded his own concept of what a tremendous impact a vision problem can have on our daily lives and every moment.



Optometric Visual Training, sometimes called Vision Therapy or VT, is a part of optometric care devoted to developing, improving and enhancing people's visual performance.



Many of our families and patients spend years searching for solutions to their difficulties. Their attempts are fruitless until they find us. Whether you have a child who is struggling with reading despite all attempts to help, or you have issues with your balance, or trouble reading and / or working on your computer, we hope you will find our website helpful.

Dr. Getzell has helped many people with a variety of problems. In many cases patients were told that nothing could be done to help them, or that they or their child would have to live with their issues. Sometimes patients know that their problems relate to the vision system when they come to our office, and sometimes they think that these problems are due to other causes, AD(H)D, reading and learning disabilities, when in fact, vision is at the root of their difficulties. Often many factors contribute to your struggles, and vision is one of the causes. In most cases we find, that treating the vision problem plays a crucial role in their overall treatment results, or full recovery after a brain injury.

Dr. Getzell has helped adults and children with:

AD(H)D Myopia Control/Reduction (Nearsightedness)
Autism Acoustic Neuroma
PDD Strokes, Head Injuries
Educational Difficulties Multiple Sclerosis
Developmentally Delayed Cerebral Palsy
Emotional Disorders Food and Environmental Allergies
Asperger's Syndrome Reading and Learning Problems
Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD)             Treatment for Binocular Vision Condition

If you are working with other health care professionals, please let us know. Dr. Getzell will coordinate with them to ensure you get the best possible care. He often works with patients who are seeing Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Feldenkrais Practitioners, Alexander Technique Practitioners, allergists, homeopathic physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, tutors, educational therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and various types of physicians.

Please feel free to call us at (847) 866-9850 for more information or to schedule an appointment.